UFC Girl Fired For Being Too Hung Over To Work?

Edith LaBelle is notable for two reasons: 1) a name that cannot possibly belong to somebody under the age of 87, and 2) being the well-endowed cage girl of UFC.

Edith LaBelle Hangover
(Also an impossible name: “Zach Galifianakis.”)

You may have noticed that she was absent from UFC 100, and without announcement. UFC brought in Holly Madison for the event (what rotten luck for those in attendance, right?), and now they’ve announced a new ring girl, one Natasha Wicks. UFC refused to divulge details of LaBelle’s dismissal, explaining only that “something happened.” Which is true. Las Vegas Happened.

According to FIGHTERS ONLY,  LaBelle called in sick for the event, and apparently from a case of the ol’ brown bottle flu:

The ‘something’ that happened has not been made public by the UFC either. In fact the UFC has made no comment on the Canadian’s departure at all.

But Fighters Only has been given to understand that LaBelle landed in hot water after phoning the UFC on the morning of UFC 100 and telling them she was too ill to work the event that night.

The UFC apparently disputed that and claimed she was hungover from partying in Las Vegas the night before.

Vegas, baby, Vegas!

Look, we’ve been in LaBelle’s shoes before; who among us has never called in sick for work after a particularly eventful night? You wake up on your bathroom floor, what you hope is vomit is all on your face, and you look and feel like you just lost a fight with a Honda Civic. The last thing you want is to be seen in public for a good 24 hours.

But she’s one of an elite few people who are literally paid just to look good. All she had to do was show up, wear very little, hold up an octagon thing, and do some smiling. Maybe a wink if she were feeling devilish. Apparently, that proved to be too much. Vegas will do that to a person.