UFC fighter Chuck Liddell falls asleep during interviewer with Dallas TV station WFAA

UFC FIGHTER LIDDELL KNOCKED OUT FOR TV INTERVIEW: UFCmania reports UFC legend Chuck Liddell did an interview with WFAA-TV’s “Good Morning Texas” in Dallas yesterday that lasted three minutes and forty seconds - which was about 3:39 too long.

Chuck Liddell falls asleep WFAA interview Dallas

Liddell fell asleep during the visit (he had to be awakened by interviewer Gary Cogill), and was eventually so incoherent that Cogill had to cut the visit short (the only thing he said that was intelligible was that he wanted to fight boxer Tommy Morrison … huh?).

Cogill also recounts the debacle on WFAA’s site.

In another weird twist, Liddell was on the morning TV show not to promote a UFC event, but the upcoming Warner Bros. movie “300″. There’s just one problem with that idea - he wasn’t in it.