UFC 88: Liddell Leveled by Evil Evans Evisceration

Chuck Liddell would like to tell his fans how much he loves them and how he intends to retire in the training room and not in a post-fight presser.  He may even want to express a sense of gratitude for leading such a charmed life and for having an innate talent at violence rewarded for so long.

Chuck Liddell

However, a man that looks remarkably similar to the former light heavyweight tentpole for Dana White’s UFC had to speak to the press corps after Rashad Evans got the one solid punch he needed in the second round after eight minutes of slap-dancing to crush Liddell’s chin and possibly his career.

Liddell, now 38 and loser of 75% of his last four matches, will now be left to contemplate early onset dementia management techniques.  Could someone please be kind enough to make sure that he made it back to his hotel room at the Omni?  And maybe staple the shades shut so he doesn’t look down fifty stories in the morning and freak the hell out.

Evans has now taken his place in a discussion of assbeatery that includes Quinton “Rampage” aka “The Secret Is That Taking Numerous Beatings to the Head Is Not Good for Mental Health” Jackson, Forrest Griffin, and everyone that’s ever been on “The Ultimate Fighter”.  Or seen it.  There’s no shortage of cocky young men.

To hear more about those other young men actually on the undercard last night, check out CHICKS HEART FIGHTS.

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