UConn Frosh Hoopster Expelled For Alleged Abuse

UConn freshman basketball player Nate Miles spent nearly two years trying to get into the school, and now his college basketball career has been derailed before it ever got started. Miles lasted only 70 days at the school before getting expelled for alleged sexual abuse of a female student.

Nate Miles

Jim Calhoun has brought in some questionable characters in the past, but Miles will go down as one of his biggest busts since he never even saw the court. Miles bounced around five different high schools and most programs wouldn’t touch him with a 10-foot pole despite his tremendous talent.

In some ways, Calhoun deserves credit for giving the kid a chance. Miles had a rough upbringing in Toledo, Ohio, and eventually his youth coach became his legal guardian. Miles reportedly worked hard to get into college, and Calhoun had to convince UConn administrators to let him attend the school.

But Miles was on a short leash, and if the alleged sexual misconduct wasn’t going to be enough to get him the boot, violating a restraining order prohibiting contact with the alleged victim cartainly was. From the HARTFORD COURANT:

Miles, 20, of Toledo, Ohio, was accused by the alleged victim of becoming physical and trying to pressure her into sex. A restraining order was issued Sept. 22 and Miles was arrested for placing a call to the woman, a 19-year-old from Manchester, 16 minutes later.

At Superior Court in Rockville Tuesday, Miles answered felony charges of violating a restraining order and was referred to the court’s family relations staff for counseling. That could lead to the criminal case being dropped if he does not get into further trouble.

But the UConn administrative board, which generally consists of one or two hearing officers who are university officials, found that Miles’ alleged transgressions warranted expulsion.

The accuser was reportedly Miles’ new girlfriend. I guess things went downhill in a hurry, as it took a grand total of 13 days for the relationship to go from zero-to-restraining order. Also from the COURANT:

The affidavit states Miles and the alleged victim began dating on Sept. 6. She wrote in the affidavit that, “the first time we had sex it was consensual.” She added that “within about a week and a half he began to dig his nails into my thighs or side when he would become angry with me.” She also accused him of becoming “extremely possessive, wanting to know where I was and told me he didn’t want me seeing other men.”

A protective order has now been issued, which I guess is one level up from a restraining order.

Miles was slated to be a big contributor on the court for the Huskies, who have high expectations this season. He committed to the school in late 2006 but couldn’t meet minimum NCAA requirements until recently. Next up, NBDL stardom. Enjoy Bakersfield, Nate.