UCLA’s Kevin Love Seeking Warmth of the NBA?

The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports this morning that frosh center and muse for aged sportswriters Kevin Love has told UCLA coach Ben Howland he will enter the NBA draft. Also, Darren Collison has done the same. Both will supposedly announce their intentions after a Wednesday afternoon UCLA press conference led by Howland.

Moses parts the Red Sea

(UCLA players, please exit in a calm and orderly fashion
before Yul Brynner gets here)

However, THE DAILY BREEZE spoke to Kevin Love’s mother and Collison, both of whom emphatically denied the TIMES report in great detail.

And let the merry-go-round begin!

The TIMES goes on to suggest a parting of UCLA blue before next season that would have impressed Hollywood’s own Moses. Russell Westbrook, Josh Shipp, and Richard Mbah a Moute are all pondering dipping their toes in the draft waters, while Alfred Aboya considers dropping basketball and Nikola Dragovic listens to Serbian pro offers.

Love’s mother and Collison acknowledge both gentlemen did speak to Howland on Monday, but neither expect to make a decision until next week. All of the current residents of the listing U.S.S. Westwood have until April 27th to declare; all can return if they do not hire an agent.

Since there seems to be no consensus and little restraint in reporting on potential declarations, let us join the fray: sources close to Battle Creek Sanitarium tell us that Ben Howland will take T. Boone Pickens’ millions at Oklahoma State. Those same sources estimate Howland’s new contract will be for four years and one kajillion dollars.

Also, Bill Walton has joined the Harlem Globetrotters and John Wooden will root for USC next season because he’s a huge fan of Lil’ Romeo.

Due to the exodus described above, UCLA will close its doors until it can reorganize and reopen in 2010 as Tyus Edney Vocational School. You heard it here first!