Move Over, Duke - UCLA The New Foul Favorite?

Duke bashers, don’t worry about the Blue Devils’ exit from the tourney. If you’re looking for a new foul-favored villain to root against, try UCLA.

UCLA Kevin Love sticks out tongue

The Bruins already had some questionable last-second wins over Stanford and California late in the regular season. And SbBer KT sends over some photographic proof that the refs blew another call to the benefit the Bruins.

Down two with less than 9 seconds to play, A&M’s Donald Sloan went up for a game-tying layup, but the shot was cleanly blocked by Josh Shipp.

Or was it?

UCLA Josh Shipp grabbing wrist

In these pics, Shipp looks to be grabbing not the ball, but the right wrist of Sloan - which would normally be a foul. Yet the refs swallowed their whistles, and the Aggies had to swallow a tough (and unfair?) loss.

UCLA Josh Shipp grabbing wrist

And if that doesn’t boil Bruins bashers’ blood enough, UCLA’s Sweet Sixteen opponent is 12th-seeded Western Kentucky, instead of a higher-bracketed UConn or Duke. Could there be a vast NCAA conspiracy to help clear a path for another Bruins basketball championship, just so an ailing John Wooden can see his team hold-up one more trophy before he passes on?

Probably not, but it’s fun to theorize. Besides, Wooden’s already out of the hospital.

If it makes A&M feel any better, the NCAA decided that Russell Westbrook’s last-second dunk didn’t count, so the final score is officially 51-49. Too bad they didn’t double-check the previous play.

Now, does this mean Dickie V will funnel his fawning from Durham to Westwood?

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