UCLA Pitcher Is Smarter And Better Than You Are

Meet UCLA freshman Trevor Bauer. Trevor graduated from high school early and began his freshman year this past January. He is an engineering major who, in a perfect world, would like to be a quantum physicist. In his spare time, he crafts physics equations to entertain himself. Trevor also, like many quiet, engineer-y types across this great land of ours, likes baseball.

Trevor Bauer
(Photo Credit: Kimberly Lacjik)

However, there’s something very special about Trevor that separates him from the other overachieving freshman in UCLA’s engineering program: Trevor is a starting pitcher for the UCLA Bruins, and he currently leads the team in wins, innings pitched, and ERA.

UCLA’s DAILY BRUIN newspaper has put together a fascinating profile of the talented freshman, and it sounds almost too good to be true; a real-life Sidd Finch story. Here’s a kid who was so smart, and so good at baseball, that he just decided to graduate early to find academic and athletic challenges. Now that he’s in college, he’s finding ways to marry his intellect with his athletic prowess:

He admits that when he’s not gripping a baseball, he loves solving mathematical equations – especially those that involve the game he started playing in his backyard as soon as he learned to walk.“I look at pitching mechanics and try to analyze them in a physics way,” he said. “For example, the longer the lever arm and the faster it’s moving, the higher the velocity is on the end of it.”

The moment of inertia, which measures an object’s resistance to changes in its rotation rate, is also among the many variables that Bauer examines.

Oftentimes, Bauer ponders whether he can make a pitch break down and in, as opposed to away from right-handed batters by simply shifting his arm’s axis of rotation.

The profile goes on to say that Bauer claims to throw a whopping nine pitches, has his path to the major leagues already planned out, and watches film obsessively. In a sport that so often chews up talent and spits it out, here’s hoping young Trevor finds success in whatever he does.