UCLA Slaps Stanford, Wins 3rd Pac-10 Title In Row

Three was a special number for UCLA Thursday night. The 3rd-ranked Bruins clinched their 3rd-straight Pac-1o regular-season title with a 77-67 OT win over 7th ranked Stanford.

UCLA Stanford basketball

In addition, UCLA set a new regular-season school record by notching their 27th victory of the year. Coincidentally, 27 is divisible by 3 (3 x 9 = 27), as is the 144 total points scored in Thursday’s game (3 x 48 = 144). Weird, eh?

OK, maybe not. But the win does give UCLA the #1 seed in next week’s Pac-10 tournament, and a realistic shot at a #1 seed in the Big Dance.

Such good news should help with John Wooden’s road to recovery.