AD Was First, Now Last To Know About Neuheisel

Before the season, UCLA football Coach Rick Neuheisel told the media over the summer that he thought the Bruins were going to surprise some “people” this season.

Rick Neuheisel UCLA Monopoly Photoshop

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At Pac-10 media day on July 29, Neuheisel said, “I believe we’re going to be better than people believe and I don’t mind saying it. … our expectations are higher and they should be. We’re in Year 3, we’ve done a lot of research, we’ve done a lot of development, the kids have all bought in. It’s time to play.

Neuheisel was right about one thing, plenty of “people” are surprised about the performance of his football team this year.

I don’t know many people (outside of Heritage Hall) who thought UCLA would be 4-7 going into its final game of the season against USC Saturday.

Or that none of the teams UCLA has beaten this season has a winning record.
Or that deep into season three, Neuheisel is 15-21 overall and 8-18 in the Pac-10.

Karl Dorrell, who was fired to make way for Neuheisel, was 10-2 in his third season coaching the Bruins. Following that year, Dorrell’s coaching record stood at 22-15 overall and 14-10 in-conference.

Guerrero jettisoned Dorrell after his fifth season, a 35-27 overall record, and 24-18 Pac-10 result notwithstanding.

After UCLA surrendered 55 consecutive points to Arizona State in a 55-24 loss last Friday, the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER’s Scott Reid asked UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero is “if Neuheisel would definitely be back in 2010.

Reid on the UCLA AD’s reaction:

Guerrero was taken aback by the question.

“Of course there’s never been any question of that,” Guerrero said in a hallway outside the Bruin locker-room. “There’s no doubt. Why would you ask that question? There’s never been any question (of his returning).”

Speaking of surprises, would you be if I told you Guerrero hired Neuheisel?