UCF Player Punches Up Flood In Parking Garage

Some college football players like to stay in shape in the offseason with a little workout at the gym. Others like to put on their running shoes & go jogging. And then there are those that like to pummel parking garages.

Richard Kay UCF football player no parking

(“No Parking” can also stand for “No Punching”)

CENTRAL FLORIDA NEWS 13 punches up news of Richard Kay, a sophomore running back for the UCF Golden Knights, who decided to show his school pride by ripping the place apart.

University police say that Kay was part of a rambunctious group of vandals that caused over $5,000 worth of damage on the UCF campus over the weekend. And most of Richard’s rage was dished out on the parking decks:

Police said Kay admitted to hitting and punching signs and pipes in a stairwell of a parking garage. One of the pipes burst, causing the whole place to flood.

Don’t they have a punching bag in the football workout room? And isn’t there already an on-campus swimming pool somewhere? If so, Richard’s efforts were entirely unnecessary.

Kay was charged with two felonies & spent a night in jail for his destructive actions. Meanwhile, he’s also been suspended from the football team.

Good thing for Kay that he wasn’t punching on UCF’s new stadium - it would have bounced right back on him.

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