UCF Fans Ring Up More Hatred Toward QB Grothe

Last year’s game between South Florida and Central Florida brought us word that UCF fans had been “poking” USF quarterback Matt Grothe’s Facebook account — several million times. But this year, Golden Knights supporters have even further escalated their hatred of the Bulls QB.

Matt Grothe USF girls

After the Bulls bested the Knights in a thrilling overtime battle Saturday, it was revealed UCF fans had obtained Grothe’s cell phone number and gone to town texting and calling him. His father even received a death threat.

The TAMPA TRIBUNE details the insanity:

“Someone got hold of my phone number and I had a thousand missed calls and my voice mail was completely full and a couple hundred text messages. Basically one hundred text messages telling me to die.”

Grothe’s father, Matt Sr., also received numerous calls, including a specific death threat that said: “Watch your backs. We can’t get to your [expletive] son, but we can get to you.”

However, Grothe got his revenge - twice.

When Grothe hit Cedric Hill for a 27-yard touchdown and a 24-10 lead late in the third quarter, Grothe ran through the end zone, putting his right hand to his ear, like he was receiving a phone call.

Very Tebow-esque, no? He later tossed a beautiful 25-yard strike for the winning overtime score.

Anyway, congratulations to UCF fans for their stirring two-year obsessive display of hatred towards the rival quarterback. Your mothers must be proud.

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