UC Made BCS Title Game? Kelly Wanted To Coach!

Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly makes a comment to Tony Krausz of the FORT WAYNE JOURNAL-GAZETTE, via Da Wiz, that might just give us a hint about his true character.

Brian Kelly

(Mirror, Mirror … *crack*)

If the Bearcats were in the championship game, there is one certainty — Notre Dame would have had to wait to name Brian Kelly its football coach if the university wanted him to lead the Irish.

I know I was going to coach in the national championship game. I made that really clear,” Kelly said during a roundtable interview with a small group of reporters Tuesday. “Every job I’ve taken is because I want to play for a championship. When you have the opportunity to play for a national championship, I’m going to be on that sideline.”

Brian Kelly House Egged

Ahhhh, so THAT explains it!

Is that perhaps the worst thing his former players at UC could hear from him? Is he unaware of Fort Wayne’s recent city-wide internet installation?

If that doesn’t tell you that Kelly only cares about himself, after also bolting for ND in the most thoughtless fashion imaginable, nothing well.

Remember that the next 100,000 times he tells us that it’s all about the players.

UPDATE: Kelly said the same thing last week. At least he’s consistent.