UAW Losing Millions Keeping Golf Course Open

We all know what’s going on in Detroit. And no, I’m not talking about the Lions for once. The auto industry is in shambles, and has become the latest beneficiary of a “bailout.” Fortunately, the United Auto Workers union is being very frugal with its own resources right now. Or maybe they’re spending millions of dollars a year maintaining a golf resort.

golf course

(No word if losses due to scores of broken-down golf carts)

That’s right, the UAW has a $6.4 million golf course in Michigan that’s part of a larger $33 million “retreat” center that is losing money every year. The UAW claims that the center hosts important courses and seminars on leadership and political action, among other thing. Critics say the thing is just a fun getaway for union bosses.

FOX NEWS says the union has lost $23 million in the last five years on the Reuther Family Education Center, which is on Black Lake in Michigan.

A watchdog group is concerned that the union is hemorrhaging money at the worst possible time:

“It’s their members’ money that they’re spending on this thing,” said Justin Wilson, managing director of the Center for Union Facts, a union watchdog group. “The union has bigger issues at hand than managing a golf course.”

FOX says the UAW has taken loans to keep the center operating. As for the golf course:

Union members can play golf at discounted rates on one of the country’s top 100 courses, designed in 2000 by famed course architect Rees Jones at a cost of $6 million.

If things keep going the way they are, union members will have plenty of time on their hands for golfing. Although they might not have the cash to play, with greens fees reaching as high as $85 during peak season (UAW members do get a 20% discount off of that).

So remember UAW member, you might not have a job soon, but you’ll always have a place to play slightly discounted golf.  And that’s something you can’t put a price on.