U of Idaho Determines There Is No ‘I’ in Posterior

After the University of Arizona Wildcats pounded the University of Idaho Vandals repeatedly in a tender area for a 70-0 win, university doctors noticed two unfortunate changes in the Vandal players. First, there seemed to be a huge hole in the Vandal rear defense that doctors weren’t sure would heal by this week’s game against Idaho State.

University of Idaho uniform I-sore

Second, while inspecting that sensitive spot on the Vandals, they noticed a huge ‘I’ attempting to cover the fresh wound. Apparently, that’s where Nike and the university thought a giant University of Idaho logo would look great this season. The university has changed their mind and the I’s no longer have it, at least from behind.

Seriously, when was the last time putting a logo on someone’s buttocks been worthwhile?

We concede the point.

The U of ID athletic director claims there was a “miscommunication” between the university and Nike on the placement of the logo. Was there a problem with the cell towers in Beaverton? Did the AD tell them, “As you well know, we love our logo…” and all they heard was “Ass”?