U. of Georgia President Calls For Football Playoff

With another college football season down the drain, SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY gets an update on the annual argument for playoffs.

U of Georgia President Michael Adams

(U. of Georgia president Michael Adams tells one of his famous fish stories)

University of Georgia president Michael Adams has sent a letter to NCAA head honcho Myles Brand advocating an 8-team playoff. In the plan, the Rose, Sugar, Orange and Fiesta Bowls would serve as quarterfinal contests on New Year’s Day, with the semifinals the following week and the title game the week after.

We wonder if Adams would be pitching this idea if it was his 2-loss Bulldogs at the Superdome last night instead of 2-loss LSU. Although he says the chances of his idea succeeding are “50-50″, other school leaders don’t share his optimism.

Ohio State president Gordon Gee thinks universities might scrap the BCS formula and go back to the traditional bowl system, but adds, “A playoff system is never going to happen.”

And you can’t blame him for hoping so. Why should the Buckeyes worry about a first-round exit, when they can lose directly in the BCS title game?

So, will college football ever see a championship tournament - besides the ones in Division 1-AA, II, III and the NAIA?

Let Jim Mora answer that one.