Scots: Tyranny Goes From Crown To Wraparound

Like you, I’m delighted the Scots recently made Donald Trump’s acquaintance and entrusted a huge chunk of priceless North Atlantic coastline to his latest golf development.

(We’ll play through. Cheers.)

Actually, “entrusted” might not be entirely accurate. From the BBC:

Efforts are still being made by the Trump Organisation to buy a handful of properties on the site, but the owners have been refusing to sell.

A council committee originally rejected the proposal for the development.

The proposal was later called in by the Scottish government, and approved.

Oh, and the half-acre owned by a local that Trump really needs so he can steamroll “1500 total housing units” onto soon-to-be-formerly pristine land?

Councillors have granted Donald Trump special permission to bid exclusively for a key piece of land to complete his billion pound Aberdeenshire golf resort.

On Tuesday councillors voted to afford the business tycoon “special purchaser” status which means he alone will be allowed to apply to purchase the ground.

Several rival bids had been made for the land - currently owned by Aberdeenshire Council and landlocked by Mr Trump’s Menie Estate.

Don’t forget that Trump will contribute to the local economy even more by providing much-needed employment to Scotland’s devastated age 12-and-under demographic.

Children from a school near the site of Donald Trump’s £1billion golf resort are to plant grass as part of the first stage of its construction.

Youngsters from Balmedie Primary School are to sew marram grass, which is used to stabilise sand dunes on the Menie Estate, on Thursday.

The initiative is part of an educational collaboration project between Aberdeenshire Council and Trump International.

Can you think of a better way for a five-year-old to spend her summer? What a privilege it’ll be to construct Trump’s golf development for no pay!