TX High School Coach Pawned Kids’ Equipment

Steve Halpin, who coached Mesquite (TX) High School’s football team to the 2001 Class 5A title, resigned as the president of the Texas High School Coaches Association Thursday and will resign as head coach today after pawning school equipment to pay for his gambling problem.

Pawn shop

The computers and cameras would disappear for a few days and then return as Halpin pawned and then repurchased them to fund his addiction. The school had planned to let Halpin retire for health reasons and let another district hire him, but the DALLAS MORNING NEWS ruined those plans.

Halpin had to drive across Texas Thursday in a rush to resign his presidency and will probably lose a chance at that next job for awhile. Leaders of Mesquite ISD may face their own reprimands; the superintendent could lose her teaching license for not reporting the thefts months ago.

Of course, “health reasons” makes a great excuse for leaving a job under mutual consent because of HIPAA; all questions about the departure can be filed under “medical privacy”. Isiah Thomas should take notes.