TX FB Players Form Dog Pound, Defend Arsenio

Eight West Texas A&M football players had arrest warrants issued for them this week stemming from an incident in November when they (and many others, it seems, led by a guy named Arsenio) broke into a man’s apartment and proceeded to totally whale on him.

Arsenioooooooooooooooooooooo Geter

(”Now, here’s your ringleader, Arseniooooooooooooooooo Geter!”)

It sounds, from the story, like the victim is not exactly innocent, as it is alleged he used a racial slur in an argument with a friend of players, who went and gathered up some buddies to make a return visit to “discuss” why that slur made him upset.

West Texas A&M is the same school Ryan Leaf was coaching for until he resigned in November for trying to get pills from one of the players.

According to AMARILLO.COM, it took so long to conduct the investigation because of winter break. Because who wants a criminal investigation to get in the way of enjoying the holidays?

Here’s how the fateful night in November went down:

Canyon Police Detective Shayne Mays said Arsenio Geter, a WT student but not a football player, was visiting friends at an off-campus apartment and got into an argument with a man and a racial slur was used.

Geter left the apartment and rounded up 25 to 30 WT students, including the football players. The players went to the apartment and attempted to gain entry.

“Two of the suspects broke into the apartment through a bedroom window for purposes of going to open the front door,” Mays said. “The victim goes to barricade himself in a bedroom to call 911. … Once the door came open, numerous suspects assaulted the victim.”

Obviously, Arsenio went and rounded up his own personal dog pound to put the hurting on this dude.

Something that’s making me go “hmmmmmmm” is how they came up with these particular eight of the 30 folks to arrest, and why it’s only the football players who have thus far been arrested. All but one of the players have turned themselves in, and police say there could be more charges coming.

All eight guys are now suspended from the football program.