T-Wolves Owner Claims KG Gave Up At The End

These Sharpton shenanigans are getting really dull.

• Boston beware? T-Wolves owner Glen Taylor claims that Kevin Garnetttanked it” in his last two seasons in Minnesota.

Kevin Garnett Glen Taylor

• Former Mets GM Steve Phillips admits he wanted a player to take amphetamines. Would that make the drugs “Met-hamphetamines“?

Boom! John Madden and Charles Barkley think it’s turrible that Dish Network would serve up ads featuring Frank Caliendo’s impressions.

Jason Taylor gets his groove on for his “Dancing With The Stars” debut.

Tiger Woods buys $65 million mansion in the Hamptons? Oh no he didn’t! Oh, wait - he really didn’t.

• A soccer goalie hits the bottle - er, actually, it’s the other way around:

Soccer player hit in face by bottle

• The Dodgers bid adieu to Dodgertown.

• The Washington Nationals show their anti-Cuban stance by welcoming bloggers to their new ballpark.

• Apparently there are rumors that Billy Packer will be sent packing.

Derek Jeter is such a great guy - just ask Men’s Health.

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