Two Rich Brookses At Kentucky Causes Confusion

Rich Brooks of the University of Kentucky is amused by the e-mails he gets from angry Wildcats fans. No, not that Rich Brooks, the other one:

Rich Brooks Kentucky Student

The LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL sees double, as an exercise science major on the Lexington campus shares the same name as the football coach. Both Brookses are unrelated.

Having a similar moniker of the head gridiron guy has is moments for the other Brooks. His name gets giggles in the classroom when roll is called. His buddies toss his name out when trying to chat it up with Kentucky co-eds. He even once fooled a Lexington waitress into thinking he was the Wildcat coach.

Rich Brooks kentucky coach

Best of all were the e-mails the other Brooks has received - from recruits looking to come to Kentucky, messages from the rest of the football coaching staff, and especially from fans not afraid to make their feelings known. Brooks wouldn’t elaborate on the Wildcat faithful’s fuming, other than to say that it was “really descriptive”.

But UK fans should breathe a little easier when their ‘Cats face Florida State in the Music City Bowl on New Year’s Eve. With 36 Seminoles not coming to Nashville, either Rich Brooks should have success on the sidelines.