NBA Offseason Means No Shortage Of Gun Play

BALL DON’T LIE found a possible lie and certainly what appears to be a fairly dim move by two NBA players in separate incidents involving guns within the last week.

First, Aaron McKie (who appeared to be looking at retirement and a coaching gig with the 76ers) tried to buy two guns while failing to mention the restraining order someone put on him that forbids him to own or buy guns. That, boys and girls, is a felony.

David Stern

(”And then I will stick something in this hole if I hear from you again… can you imagine what that might be?”)

Then New Orleans Hornets guard Rasual Butler chose to display his choice in firearms by waving a loaded gun around outside a South Beach nightclub Sunday night/Monday morning. That, boys and girls, is also illegal. Twice.

Honestly, gentlemen; we don’t know what else we have to do to explain the seriousness of this matter. Do we have to ask David Stern to sue you for all your meal money for the last three years? He’s already got the paperwork filled out; he just has to white out Tim Donaghy’s name and put in yours.