Two More Horses Put Down at Churchill Downs

And the hits keep on coming for horse racing’s fragile base. Yesterday, two horses fractured rather important parts of their limbs during normal Saturday racing at Churchill Downs (home of the Kentucky Derby) and had to be put down.

X-ray of horse's hoof

In the first of those accidents, the jockey (Shaun Bridgmohan) tumbled off the injured horse and was kicked by a passing steed before coming to a dramatic halt. Bridgmohan took a few bumps and bruises but avoided the barbiturate overdose recommended by the vet for the two damaged stallions.

We don’t know how we’re supposed to react to another downed horse (or two) on the site of Eight Belles’ last steps. How many times should we nod knowingly and mumble something about coincidences and unfortunate accidents? Or, you know, should we just ignore it until it goes away? That seems to be happening well enough without our help.