Two Imbeciles + Two Rented Golf Carts = Hilarity

What is it about Iowa and golf and states beginning with the letter I? I suggest shutting down all courses until we get to the bottom of this misbehavior. Today comes word of a pair of individuals from Waterloo, Iowa, who rented two golf carts at a local course even though, apparently, they had no clubs. That’s your first red flag right there.

sad, really

One of the men, Cody Allan Lamprecht, was arrested last week after he and another man allegedly used the carts as bumper cars.


Lamprecht and another man allegedly rented golf carts from the Irv Warren Golf Course on April 25, then rammed the vehicles into each other. The damage to the carts is estimated at $3,000.

Documents say the two allegedly drove the carts into places they weren’t allowed, including wooded areas. Tire marks were also left on the No. 5 green.

Why it took Waterloo police two months to crack this case is not clear. For the proper way to operate a golf cart, please observe the following vi … d’oh!

Well, I suppose the results could have been worse.