Twitter Now Being Used To Refute Death Rumors

There really are no limits to what Twitter can be used to accomplish. Whether you want to use the micro-blogging site to let all your fans know where you are and have them come hang out with you, or maybe a place to complain about referees, or use it to let the world know that Jim Calhoun will coach the next UConn game, it’s an incredibly useful tool. It also comes in handy when you want to deny rumors of your owner’s death.

That’s what happened in Buffalo this weekend when there was apparently an Internet rumor going around that Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson was dead. Since the rumor was started on the Internet, I guess the Bills figured the only way to put it to rest was by using the internet themselves, and decided to use their Twitter page to let the world know Wilson was still alive.


The Buffalo Bills say an internet rumor about owner Ralph Wilson’s death that began circulating on the evening of March 27, 2009 is just that - a rumor.

The Bills sent out a Twitter alert this afternoon refuting the claim.

“There is absolutely no truth to the internet rumor referencing Ralph Wilson’s health,” the Bills’ official Twitter page reads. Wilson, 90, is alive and well.

See, this is the type of thing that starts to happen when you sign Terrell Owens. Owens is probably the one who started the rumors of Wilson’s death just so he could hold a press conference to talk about how sad and scared he is that Wilson may be dead.

“That’s my owner, man.  My owner,” Owens would have said as he choked back fake tears behind his sunglasses.