Twins Pitcher Liriano Calls for Union Investigation

In what seems to be a bit of a bold move, the agent for young Twins ace Francisco Liriano is so upset the pitcher is still toiling in the minors that he’s contacted the players’ union about possibly filing a greivance against the Baggy-Domers.

Ken Rosenthal from FOX SPORTS reports that Greg Genske, Liriano’s agent, is specifically looking into whether or not the Twins are purposefully keeping him in the minors as a way of extending the length of time they’ll retain rights to Liriano.

Let’s let Ken explain the legal mumbo-jumbo. Take it away, Ken!

“He’s now dominating,” Genske told “The team agrees he’s dominating. (The union) has determined that there is reasonable cause to open an investigation to see whether the Twins, by leaving him in the minors, are violating his rights in the Basic Agreement.”

If Liriano filed a grievance, he could seek either a restoration of major-league service time, financial compensation or both. His loss of major-league time already will prevent him from qualifying for salary arbitration with three years of service and almost certainly will prevent him from qualifying as a “Super Two” player as well.

It sure looks like they might have a point, with Liriano being 7-0 with a 2.73 ERA in his last 9 starts.

Is this just another case of the Twins trying to find every way possible to save a buck? Or is this just smart GMing, keeping Liriano stretched-out in the minors while their not-overpowering but consistent rotation keeps them in the hunt for the AL Central title? You decide!