TV Station Asks For Collins Slur Video ‘Witnesses’

Last night FOX 6 in Milwaukee reported on one of the station’s official Twitter accounts that it had video of a fan at the Packers-Bears game last night lobbing a racial slur at Packers player Nick Collins as Collins was leaving the field after the game.

Nick Collins slur episode

The FOX 6 Sports Twitter feed reported at the time:

Fox 6 Sports Nick Collins Tweet

Today, the same Twitter feed included this entry:

Fox 6 Sports Nick Collins Tweet

FOX 6 did air the video live this morning on multiple occasions, and Packers reporter Brian Carriveau reported what he saw on Twitter: on Nick Collins slur video

Of the incident, FOX 6 reported on its site today:

Green Bay Packers safety Nick Collins apoligizes (sic) after getting into a post-game confrontation with a fan after the game against the Chicago Bears Monday night.

Collins tells FOX6’s Tim Van Vooren the incident happened on his way down the tunnel to the locker room at Chicago’s Soldier Field.

Collins says that’s when a fan called him the “N” word. Collins stopped, yelled at the fan and threw his mouthpiece at him.

NFL rebroadcast rules prohibit from posting video of the incident on our website or any other.

Per Stephanie Stradley of AOL Fanhouse, NFL rebroadcast rules state:

NFL credentials impose a 90-second limit on the use of online and other new media non-game audio and video content obtained as a result of credentialed access. Such content may not be “archived” (i.e., made available for on-demand public access) for more than 24 hours on the Internet, may not incorporate integrated advertising, and must be accompanied by links back to and to the team’s web site.

Bill Voth of WSOC-TV in Charlotte also noted to me today that the NFL only considers non-game video to be reporter standups and off-field interviews. So Collins walking in the tunnel is considered in-game video.

Despite the league-imposed online video embargo, the station has since posted screenshots of what it described as “witnesses” to the incident, while asking visitors to its Facebook page to identify the folks in the images.

As for the NFL disciplining Collins, if he did throw something at a fan or fans, regardless of what it was, he has to be sanctioned in some way. Regardless of what was said to him. (As much as it pains me to say that if an n-bomb was directed at him.)