TV Guys Couldn’t Believe Stanford’s Last-Second TD Against USC Either

STANFORD UPSET OF USC EVEN SHOCKS COMMENTATORS: Even the boys in the TV booth were shocked with what went down in the L.A. Coliseum on Saturday night:

Stanford USC football

Ron Thulin was calling play-by-play for Versus during the gridiron encounter bewteen #2 USC and hapless Stanford. And even he couldn’t believe what he just saw.

The dramatic set up: Stanford down 23-17. 54 seconds left. 4th and goal for the Cardinal at USC’s 10-yard line. QB Tavita Pritchard gets the snap, goes straight back and tosses up a prayer toward WR Mark Bradford.

Bradford leaps over the Trojan defender & catches the pass, landing both his feet inbounds in the end zone. The referee quickly raises both arms high.

Thulin immediately yells, “Touchdown USC!

After a short pause, he’s able to correct himself: “Stanford! Touchdown Stanford! My Goodness!

But colorman Kelly Stouffer doesn’t help matters, as he follows up Thulin with his own incorrect explanation: “Jim Harbaugh, if you’re asking, is gonna go for the tie, right here.”

Problem is, the TD already made the tie, 23-23. Like Ron, Kelly does eventually catch himself after a second or two, re-explaining, “Obviously, they’re tied right now, he’s gonna go for the extra point.”

You can’t really blame Thulin or Stouffer for being confused at the events unfolding in front of them. Nobody else would have guessed that 41-point underdog Stanford would have trounced the Men of Troy - especially in their own arena.

Stanford 0% picks

And we mean nobody.

Besides, it’s not the first time an important TD against the Trojans caused confusion among those who saw it:

USC Cheerleader wrong time