Blog-O-Rama: USC’s Floyd Won’t Hold The Mayo

Michael David Smith of AOL FANHOUSE spreads news from USC coach Tim Floyd that keeping O.J. Mayo at school past his freshman year would be “irresponsible“.

Tim Floyd OJ Mayo USC

• Matt Moseley of ESPN HASHMARKS passes along Tony Romo’s thoughts on Brett Favre’s farewell.

• The WASHINGTON POST rocks on, as Nationals president Stan Karsten feels Boss about the fast sales of Opening Day tickets: “It was like a Springsteen concert.”

• Speaking of the Nats, MR. IRRELEVANT weighs in on Dmitri Young tipping the spring training scales at 291 pounds.

• Victory is mine! DC SPORTS BOG tunes in to see Chicago’s Comcast Sportsnet giving the Wizards’ Oleksiy Pecherov the Stewie Griffin face.

Wizards Oleksiy Pecherov Stewie Griffin face

• In his BLOG MAVERICK, Mark Cuban ponders when U.S. sports teams will start to see foreign owners.

• Blazers star Channing Frye wants to K.P.W. - Keep Portland Weird.

• USS MARINER gets a sneak peek at the M’s 2008 Media Guide.

• THE SPORTING BLOG slides over video of Matthias Lanzinger’s terrible ski jump accident (NSFW):

Sadly, Lanzinger’s leg had to be amputated.

• The ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER shoots a round with John Anselmo, the coach Tiger Woods’ dad thanked for not letting his son become a hooker.

• The saga of FIREGEORGEKARL.COM gets a write up in the WALL STREET JOURNAL’s law blog.

• RAYS INDEX presents a separated-at-birth - Matt Garza & SNL’s Mango.