Turmoil On The Set Of College Gameday In 2008?

ESPN college football analyst Desmond Howard played at Michigan. His colleague, Kirk Herbstreit, played his college ball at Ohio State, so there’s a bit of a rivalry between those two already.

ESPN college gameday

In an interview last week, Howard was asked about Herbie, and that rivalry may have been kicked up a notch.

AWFUL ANNOUNCING tells us that Howard sat down for an interview with THE DETROIT NEWS to share his thoughts on how his alma mater would fare with new coach Rich Rodriguez, and he did not mince words:

Rich Rodriguez, I do think, is a very good coach…It was a raggedy (search) process, and it took turns that it never should have taken, starting with the report that Herbstreit gave, but we are where we are now with it and hopefully it works out.

Howard was asked about Herbstreit’s infamous report, where he said LSU head coach Les Miles would be Michigan’s next head man:

I was in Hawaii doing ESPN, so I had no knowledge of anything. I put the (earpiece) in my ear, and I’m hearing Herbstreit break this news, and I’m thinking, ‘You know, things happen overnight, maybe it did.’ [T]here’s no doubt in my mind that Herbstreit believed what he was saying on TV.

Now, should he have dug deeper, should ESPN have dug deeper? Of course. They have a Michigan guy on their crew and they knew how to get in contact with me, but no one ever called me.

It’s obvious that Herbstreit’s alma mater was better off not having to face Les Miles every year. However, Herbie has done a fair job of keeping his Buckeye bias in check while analyzing every other team in the nation.

It doesn’t take Jesse Jackson to see that Howard is the odd man out on that crew; the Fowler-Corso-Herbie dynamic is a good as any pregame crew on TV, and there could be some sour grapes there on Howard’s end, and justifiably so. But Herbie’s was a huge goof, and him not asking the guy on his crew that actually went to that school is suspect at best.