Sad Tug-Of-War Mishaps, Severed Hands And You

If tug-of-war ever becomes an Olympic event (oh, and it will), I say just give the gold to the Chinese. I wouldn’t take them on after this: A Chinese man lost his hand recently while, during a game of tug-of-war, his hand refused to drop the rope but the rest of his body went ahead and let go. Yikes.

Thank you, thing

A man named Shi was celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival on a beach in Shenzhen at 4:30 a.m. (?!) when the spirited competition turned grotesque. Evidently a bunch of spectators joined in on both sides and, well, let’s just say the Chinese take their tug-of-war rather seriously.


Shi, 1.8 meters tall and 34-years-old, was the anchorman in his five-man team and had coiled the rope around his hand several times for stability, letting the rest of the rope fall to the ground.

It was a fierce competition with everyone pulling as hard as they could when excited spectators suddenly joined in, grabbing the end of the rope near Shi.

Suddenly Shi screamed and fainted and his severed hand fell to the ground.

Shi was rushed to a local hospital and then transferred to the Guangzhou Peace Hand Surgery Hospital for a seven-hour operation. I hope it all went well; but in case it didn’t, may I suggest a career in cosmetology?