Try, Tryon Again: Youngest Golfer Tries Comeback

In 2001, 17-year-old Ty Tryon appeared to have it all. He had millions in sponsorships and was the youngest player on the PGA Tour. Phenom! Star-in-the-making! Watch out, Tiger! Who’s that stud driving the white Escalade with the North Carolina blue trim?

Ty Tryon and Michelle Wie

Only one obstacle could prevent Ty Tryon from success: he, uhm, kinda sucked at golf. Sure, he’s in the top tenth of a percent of golfers in the world, but that and a Starbucks Card buys you two hours of free Wi-Fi every day. (Gotta buy a coffee, too.)

However, Tryon’s gone through a few retreats and bounced around the world (have clubs, will travel) and is ready to give professional golf another shot with the help of his shot doctor and his trainer and so on. This makes him completely different from Michelle Wie because… well, it doesn’t, really.

When we are using our cerebral cortex to squirt TwitLites to the Internet with our implanted WiMax 2.0 connection in 2015, we will search the surgically enhanced memory of our blogging days to pull this piece back up, find and replace “Ty Tryon” with “Michelle Wie”, and then post.

Also, we will put in a new picture of her so we can totally mock how she gained 7 lbs. from age 18 to 25. Ha ha ha fattie! Man, this blogging life is sweet.