Concession Stand Trip Costs Baseball Fan His Eye

When you go to a Major League baseball game, it could end up putting quite the dent in your wallet. Aside from the $50 you spent on the ticket each and every beer you drink will cost you about $7. Bring little Johnny with you? Well he wants some cotton candy, a hot dog, and a soda, which will end up taking about another $15 out of your pocket.

Fan loses eye at minor league game

As a result, a lot of baseball fans turn to minor league games for their baseball enjoyment. Sure, the quality of play isn’t quite up to Major League standards, but it’s still baseball, and you don’t have to take another mortgage out on your house afterwards. Unfortunately for Carroll Master, a recent trip to the concession stand at a Greensboro Grasshoppers game ended up costing him a lot more than money. It cost him his eye.

From FOX8 in Greensboro:

The fan who was blinded by a foul ball at a recent Grasshoppers game is recovering from surgery that replaced the eye with a prosthetic.

Carroll Master was on his way back from the concession stand during the Grasshoppers August 22 game at Newbridge Bank Park when a foul ball hit him in his left eye, leaving him blind.

Master told FOX8 News a neighbor obtained the ball that hit him and gave it to Master, who said he’s not sure what he’s going to do with it.

He’s not sure what he’s going to do with the ball? Hello? Use it for your new eye! That would be awesome.

Master also says he’s considering suing the Grasshoppers over the loss of his eye, but I’d like to let him know to do so would be futile. It’s probably pretty hard for him to do so right now, but if he would just read the back of his ticket he would see the line that says the team isn’t responsible for any injury occurred by the patron while in attendance.