Tricked Out Golf Carts Turning Fairways Into Freeways

GOLFERS DRIVING TRICKED-OUT CARTS OUT OF BOUNDS: The underrated golf blog Waggleroom reports on the latest goofy golf trend: Souped-up golf carts.

Tricked Out Golf Carts

Hackers are jumping their favorite tracks with monster muni-buggies that look like they belong more on sand dunes than in sand traps.

The powerful putterers are also now being revved-up for offroad racing. Not surprisingly, offroading site Dirtopia reports that as the “worst trend on the dunes.”

Dirtopia Editor Travis Kiger: “(Carts are) not for serious athletic off-roaders. They’re for driving guys in funny pants around the golf course.

Speaking of stupid golf innovations for guys in funny pants:

Caddyshack Rodney Dangerfield