Trev Alberts Tells Blogger How To Raise His Child

When I think “model parent,” I think former Nebraska linebacker and former ESPN analyst Trev Alberts. Which is why I’m glad he told BUGS & CRANKS blogger Chris Rasmussen that he shouldn’t worry about whether or not Rasmussen — a Royals fan — has a daughter that grows up to be a Cardinals fan. Deal with it.

Alberts, now on CSTV, also does videos for Sprint Sports, and his recurring “What The Blog?” segment discusses not only random blogs and what they’re talking about, but he weighs in on them. (Admittedly, it’s refreshing to see mainstream analysts actually use some kind of cognizance with what bloggers write.)

In this case, Alberts took umbrage with how Rasmussen wanted to brainwash his daughter in becoming a Royals fan, since having it happen naturally has low odds of success as she’s a St. Louis native. (Although, hey, the Royals are 2-0. That’ll help.)


“Here’s the most important thing, Chris, first and foremost. You point out in your post that your daughter is nice, thoughtful, and gregarious. Hey, that’s all you really need in a kid. I mean let’s face it. Even my own kids. They aren’t necessarily Nebraska fans. It makes me angry. They’re Georgia Bulldogs. And I can’t even say they’re necessarily nice and thoughtful. Be happy your 5-year-old is gregarious, nice, and thoughtful. And if she wants to be a Cardinals fan, who cares?”

Rasmussen’s response:

“Your criticism of my misguided suggestions earlier is well-taken. Perhaps I should focus entirely on my daughter’s positive attributes rather than creating a soulless, beaten fan of a small market team. Bribery should not be considered a focus or strategy for manipulating a child and should only remain in its proper venue: luring teenage recruits to play collegiate athletics for a particular school.

I am properly admonished, sir, for even broaching the subject.”

By the way, I’m not saying Alberts is a horrible father, although he does admit his kids aren’t “necessarily nice and thoughtful”, which is probably society’s fault, most likely. But I am saying it was an odd post to highlight and criticize something as meaningless as trying to get someone’s daughter to have a certain favorite baseball team.

Also, “Chris” does have a last name, and it’s rather prevalent on the website. It sure seems like Alberts is belittling him by calling him by his first name, something normally done with letters to the editor.