Trent Green Not Following Favre Into Retirement

As Brett Favre enjoys the fanfare of (finally) ending a Hall-of-Fame career on his own terms, Trent Green starts looking for another team after being cleared to play over the weekend.

Trent Green stretcher rollout

Favre’s 253 consecutive starts set the standard for durability in the NFL. Conversely, Green, who has produced respectably when healthy, has played in only 13 games over the past two seasons.

Green missed 8 games in 2006 after being hit on a play where he slid into a Bengals defender in the season opener. He suffered a second concussion while trying to block a defender on a broken play against the Texans in Week Five of 2007, and would remain out for the year. He also missed all of 1999 with a knee injury as a Ram, which paved the way for Kurt Warner’s Super Bowl XXXIV title run.

Green, who is all of about 10 months younger than Favre, was released on February 12 by the new Bill Parcells regime in Miami, but is still drawing interest from teams looking for an experienced backup. He visited New Orleans yesterday and there is speculation that he could wind up with the Rams or the Giants.

The fact that a beaten-down 37-year-old quarterback can still find a job in today’s NFL indicates two things. That proficiency at the quarterback is incredibly rare, and that walking away from the game is incredibly difficult, especially when the phone is still ringing and his ears aren’t. He’ll wind up on someone’s roster for 2008. Even now, they’re looking for another quarterback in Green Bay.