Town Wont Let Red Sox Owner Tear Down House Bought From Dodgers Owner

HENRY HAS HOUSE HEADACHES WITH McCOURT MANSION: Now that the McCourts have finally found a place to to settle down in, what’s to become of their former abode? If John Henry has his way, tear it down. If the Massachusetts town of Brookline has its way, keep it up:

Frank McCourt John Henry

The BOSTON HERALD builds up the tension between the Red Sox owner and the Beantown-area burg, in regards the $16 million estate Henry recently purchased.Henry acquired the 1930s-style Georgian home and estate from the Dodgers owners, with the intent to demolish the house - much like his team demolished Cleveland in Game 1 of the ALCS.

Frank McCourt John Henry Mass house

From the rubble, Henry would then erect a modern-day mansion, complete with 72-inch plasma TVs, automatic dishwashers, and other such necessities beneficial to a billionaire.

However, Brookline’s preservation officials want to save the building from the bulldozers, saying the site may have historical significance. If the town orders to delay the destruction, Henry may just toss a lawsuit in their laps.

May John can bunk with Frank & Jamie until this whole thing blows over.