Total Exposure: Viking Pantless In Locker Room

After a comeback win that could be key to Minnesota’s playoff hopes, FOX got its cameras to go into the Vikings locker room for what it thought would be a touching moment of total access. Instead, the moment is bound to live in TV infamy for an incident of total exposure.

tsb shiancoe penis

(Screen grab from The Sporting Blog.)

As television cameras panned the locker room while team owner Zygi Wilf presented a game ball to coach Brad Childress — whose son has enlisted with the Marines and is awaiting a deployment to Iraq — they caught a few Vikings unprepared to be seen on live, national TV. One, in particular, happened to be missing, well, his pants. According to THE SPORTING BLOG, the exposed Viking covered up quickly, but not before TiVos everywhere snapped back to capture the moment forever. Hey, at least he knows he has Chris Cooley for company.

Yes, that is the poor, unsuspecting Vikings junk you see obscured by our masterful use of the Photoshop paintbrush tool (blurring of image may not be to scale). And who is the unsuspecting victim of Rupert Murdoch’s impetuous cameramen? After extensive research (i.e., clicking through every single player listed on the Vikings online roster), we’ve determined it’s none other than Visanthe Shiancoe: Morgan State grad, tight end and, we assume, decent human being who fell prey to the camera lens.

There are few things that we find more terrifying that having one’s “naughty bits” exposed on national TV without your consent. If you do it knowingly, or even half knowingly, hell, that’s your own problem. Britney Spears and Paris Hilton? Yeah, they had that coming. Visanthe Shiancoe? Guy never had a chance.

What’s even more sad is that Shiancoe was really having a good day. Not only did he score the game-winning touchdown, his exploits and facial expressions already landed him in a photo on this very site earlier today. You can’t say that every day, Visanthe.\

Oh, and the best part of that screen shot? Check out where Childress’s eyes are. Guy is looking horrifically right at the naked Shiancoe. Something tells us this isn’t going to go over too well.

The amazing thing is that, while this Vikings game will always be known for Thomas’ unexpected exposure, there were plenty of other stories to follow. The 20-16 Vikings win almost ensures that this Lions team will become historically bad. That’s something for all of us to cheer for, provided that you aren’t living in Detroit (and a Lions fan, though that seems to go without saying).

Then there’s the rather inflammatory case of chop-blocking that a Lions lineman put on Vikings defensive end extraordinaire Jared Allen, a move that easily could have blown out his knee, Jeff Gillooly style. Check out the video below.

And before you ask, there’s no video evidence of poor Mr. Shiancoe’s moment un-toweled moment in the sun … yet. As soon as we find some, you’ll see it.

*UPDATE*: Here ya go (NSFW). Thanks, BOB’S BLITZ! We think.

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