Toss From Marlins Player Almost Takes Out Regis

There he was - Regis Philbin tossing out the first pitch for the Marlins on Monday. The TV talk show host came down to show support for the South Florida baseball club that he says he’s become a fan of.

Regis Philbin Hanley Ramirez

And what thanks does Regis get for coming out to the ballpark and cheering on the Marlins? Almost a trip to the hospital, courtesy of Hanley Ramirez.

The PALM BEACH POST explains that after his ceremonial first pitch duties were done, Regis decided to play a little catch with Ramirez in front of the Marlins’ dugout. Big mistake:

Philbin bounced his throw to Ramirez, but the All Star shortstop fired a major-league throw right at the 77-year-old talk show host.

“He tried to kill me! That’s a quote!” said Philbin, who’d pulled his hand out of the glove to shake off the sting. “It came like a bullet and I lost sight of it and at the last minute I saw it and I grabbed it.”

Good thing Regis’ nimble reflexes saved him from suffering any internal injuries from the near-fatal fastball. I don’t think Kelly Ripa has time to go searching for a new co-host.

But Regis really has no one to blame but himself. If he was a true Marlins fan, he would have known Hanley could be quite unpredictable. This is the same player who responded to new team dress code rules by blowing up in the clubhouse & scrawling “I’m sick of this sh*t” on his chest with a Sharpie.

So if Regis decides to head back to Dolphins Stadium … er, Landshark Stadium in the near future, I suggest showing up in a batting helmet & a catcher chest protector. And maybe bring a few more gold chains for Hanley as a peace offering.