Tosh0 Pedophile Impersonator Video Trolls Auburn

Today a Comedy Central executive gleefully tipped me off to a subtle yet deliberate dig at Auburn that I was told was inserted into one of tosh.0’s delightfully inappropriate video segments this week.

Tosh 0 trolls Auburn

(Video embed from Comedy Central below)

The insult was seen during a regular tosh.0 bit called the Todd Glass’ Awful Prank Show. In the 90-second piece, Glass impersonates a pedophile-type character as he lures a small boy into his van by asking the kid for help in finding a puppy.

After the boy gets into the van, Glass locks the doors and turns around from the driver seat to berate the child. As Glass goes off on the poor kid, at the :40 mark of the video an officially-licensed Auburn University “Tiger Paw” magnet can clearly be seen beneath Glass - conveniently placed atop the compartment separating the driver and passenger front seats.

In case you still think that’s a coincidence, you might want to read this Sept. 30, 2010, profile of two tosh.0 staff writers in a TUSCALOOSA NEWS story headlined, “TideSports to Tosh.0: Two Alabama grads write for Comedy Central show.“:

There are actually two writers for the Tosh.0 show that are graduates of The University of Alabama. They are also rabid Tide fans. One of the writers, Joe Borden, e-mailed me a few hours ago thanking us for the kind words and the current manhunt. He’s also a fan of TideSports. Thumbs up. The other writer for the Tosh.0 show is Jim Patton.

After the poisoning of Auburn’s beloved Toomer’s Corner Oaks this week by an alleged Alabama fan, I’m thinking Borden and Patton might wanna lay low until the Auburn Family┬« concludes the necessary period of mourning.

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