tosh.Ohh: “God Hates Nick Saban More Than I Do”

Three months ago I posted a piece about two writers on the Comedy Central show tosh.0 who happen to be University of Alabama grads and diehard Crimson Tide football fans.

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Thanks to their background, Alabama, and more specifically, Nick Saban, is often the subject of comedic taunts by show host Daniel Tosh. (Another contributing factor: Tosh is a Miami Dolphins fans still distraught over the dubious way Saban departed South Florida for Tuscaloosa.)

With that context, and the general offensive nature of the show, I suppose no one should be surprised at what Tosh said last night.

During a short standup bit in which the host did ask for donations for Alabama tornado relief, Tosh cracked:

“Apparently god hates Nick Saban more than I do.”

As Tosh tossed out the throwaway line, a shot of a leveled house was in the background.

Tosh’s joke, as you might expect, offended plenty of folks inside the state regardless the aforementioned context.

Obviously the argument behind the joke is that the guys who wrote it are from Alabama and it is part of a running bit on the show.

Though I don’t pretend to comprehend the despair endured by those affected by the devastation, my best measure for the joke’s appropriateness would be: would Tosh say the same thing this week at a benefit show in Alabama? Without his own personal security detail?

To donate $10, text “Alabama tornado relief” to 90999 or donate online here.

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