T.O.’s Latest Tirade: Romo OK, Keyshawn’s Crap

Don’t forget - we’re live blogging tonight’s Angels-Red Sox game at 10 pm ET.

Terrell Owens trades the object of his irritation from Tony Romo to Keyshawn Johnson.

Tony Romo Terrell Owens Keyshawn Johnson

• Guess blackouts do work, after all. Just ask the White Sox and Middle Tennessee State. But don’t ask Georgia.

Ty Willingham likes his Huskies’ chances this year. Um, should someone tell him Washington is 0-4 already?

• For a 3rd place finish in the AL East, Yankees GM Brian Cashman is awarded with a new three-year, $6 million deal.

• Always wondered what’s written on those NFL QB wristbands? The Boston Globe finds out - and wishes they didn’t.

• The Nets’ new arena in Brooklyn has run into some financial difficulty. Can anyone spare $950 million?

• It’s not nice to mess with Mr. Met - unless you never want to see another Mets game again.

• Ex-Broncos RB Travis Henry gets caught in a cocaine bust. Did he have enough for all his kids?

John McCain needs some help in his next debate with Barack Obama. Bill Romanowski to the rescue!

Lane Kiffin could be wearing orange next season - but will it be the Syracuse or Tennessee brand?