Torres’ Ex Not Enchanted By Her Feel-Good Story

Olympic swimmer Dara Torres has been the feel-good story of qualifying so far, making her fifth Olympics at the age of 41 in a sport favoring those in their teens and twenties. But there’s one person who’s not particularly interested or enthralled by her remarkable feat: her ex-husband.

Dara Torres

The PALM BEACH POST caught up with West Palm surgeon Itzhak Shasha, and he sounds just a little peeved even answering the most basic questions about his ex-wife.

“Believe me, I’ve achieved many significant things in my life,” [Shasha] said, “and none of them was being married to her. I don’t want to talk about that marriage, and I don’t want to talk about her.”

Yikes. Why this level of acrimony? Well, Torres divorced Shasha 16 months after they were married in July 2003, only to marry and eventually have a daughter with current husband David Hoffman – the same doctor giving her and Shasha fertility treatments. Torres maintains there’s no personal animosity, and Hoffman for his part, claims that the two only started dating when Torres and Shasha were separated.

Not to judge too harshly, and obviously we can’t really know where the truth lies here in the first marriage, but you sense that someone would be fairly perturbed if one’s spouse left them for a doctor treating them for something so particularly private between the two of them.