Torii Hunter Shaves His Chest, Rally Monkey Next?

Here’s a clip from something called “Hanging with Mr. Hunter” on FSN (via’s HOT CLICKS).

Torii Hunter Hanging With Mr. Hunter

The piece documents Torii Hunter’s (alleged) first drive to Angels Stadium, as he’s assisted by a vehicle GPS system he calls “Susan“. And his brother Tram. Both aren’t much help.

Hunter, while en route to the ballpark, riffs on his new SoCal home: “I’m going to walk the beach with my rally monkey … we’re going to put some Speedos on. No shirt, shave all my chest hairs. … man, I made a wrong turn, we better not be going the wrong way.

Hunter then pulls up to the Angels Stadium gate for the first time (again, allegedly) and is greeted by a security guard:

Guard: “You are?”

Hunter: “My name is Gary. Gary Mathews.”

Guard: “Gary, oh how’s Gary doing? You’re not Gary Mathews.”

Hunter will never, ever make it as an Anaheim Angel. Way too much personality.