Blog Jam: Torii Hunter’s Tribute To Michael Phelps

• YOU BEEN BLINDED splashes up a clip of Torii Hunter celebrating the Angels’ AL West title with a tribute to Michael Phelps.

Torii Hunter is Michael Phelps

We understand that Stephanie Rice is swimming her way to Anaheim as we speak.

• Sure he can do a mean Milli Vanilli, but LARRY BROWN SPORTS discovers Jonathan Papelbon’s real talent - cross-dressing for high school productions of “Dirty Dancing“.

• If New England is looking for a QB, Jason Whitlock of the KANSAS CITY STAR suggests the Pats get on the phone with Jeff George.

Palmer? Bush? Leinart? FIRST & BIG TEN has an interesting interview with the USC player really responsible for the Trojans’ re-emergence: former WR John Zilka.

• After putting it off for so long, is Eva Longoria’s growing figure due to carrying Tony Parker’s baby? THE SUPERFICIAL hears the Desperate denial from the Housewife herself: “I’m just fat.”

• PORTLAND TRAIL BLOGGERS has a song in their heart, as they hear Greg Oden belt out some karaoke. Not bad, but he’s certainly no Stuart Scott.

• Keeping in musical rhythm, HARD FOR THE YARD finds Georges St. Pierre amused by a little melody put together featuring the vocals of the UFC fighter.

• Meanwhile, ROTOHOG hikes up a short little video in tribute to Tom’s terrific injury - The Brady Crunch.

Reggie Rivers of KCNC-TV in Denver argues that if John Lynch doesn’t have to pay Reebok for all his unsold Broncos uniforms, why would Chad Ocho Cinco have to pay for all the old “Johnson” jerseys?