Torii Hunter Angels Deal Consumated At Del Taco

HUNTER’S $90M ANGELS DEAL CONSUMATED AT DEL TACO: The RIVERSIDE PRESS-ENTERPRISE reports that the $90M deal struck between Torii Hunter and the Angels was negotiated and consumated at a Del Taco in Corona, CA.

Torii Hunter Del Taco

This after “Hunter dined at Texas owner Tom Hicks’ ranch a few days earlier and Chicago White Sox representatives flew to Texas with a video featuring Jim Thome and Bulls center Ben Wallace urging him to join the South Siders.

Following an impromptu discussion about Hunter over the phone, Hunter’s agent Larry Reynolds, who is based in Riverside, CA., and Angels GM Tony Reagins needed a meeting place to continue the convo.

Reagins: “I drive the 91 pretty often. Del Taco is one of my favorite fast food chains. I knew that one halfway between Riverside and Anaheim.

Del Taco

To be clear, Hunter wasn’t at the Del Taco when Reagins and Reynolds wrapped up the contract, but he didn’t seem to mind (from USA TODAY): “I always imagined my deal would get done inside a board room or a Capital Grille. Turns out it was done at a Del Taco. Can you believe it? The deal gets done over some tacos.

Tacos? We’re hoping it was at least chili cheese fries.