Topless Women Sword Fighting? Um, Yes Please

Fringe sports are, of course, sports which are barely on the public radar yet are presented as organized competitions; like Slamball, the World’s Strongest Man Competition and a Pittsburgh Pirates game. I suppose Chess Boxing also qualifies. But now here’s an activity that really tests the definition of fringe.

Welcome to Bare-Breasted Women Sword Fighting, the latest offering by Dog and Pony DC at the Capital Fringe in Washington, DC. It’s probably more in the performance art category, so I can’t really call it a sport until I see it; and it may take more than one viewing.

From their web site:

Bare Breasted Women Sword Fighting is a vaudeville that unleashes the feminine mystique in a whirl of petticoats and a dazzling display of strength, swords, and skin. Behold brutal buxom beauties! Take in tantalizing ta-ta titans! Gaze longingly at the titillating, tangoing Bare Breasted Women Sword Fighting! (And, yes, this contains strong language and nudity.) Conceived & directed by Lorraine Ressegger.

The first seven shows were all sellouts, so one can assume that they deliver what the title implies. If you must know more, see this review (caution: Spoliers!). And there’s even a Bare Breasted Women Sword Fighting blog.

The fight between the Amazons — visceral, dangerous, animalistic…putting those big, heavy swords in the hands of Amazonians, they belong together…oh yeah — nice breasts!

Stage combat is a choreographed dance of implied violence, YES! The beautiful Bare Breasted Women own their dance floor. The lines Lorraine created and the Bare Breasteds breathe to life are poetic. The fight is natural and beautiful…oh yeah — nice breasts!

AND I get to say “p****” in front of lots of peole every night!!! Virgin/Mother/Whore, MC, and Madame take me back to the days of going over to my friends house in Middle School to watch old Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy stand up. Sex Education. Raunchy, Verbal Violence — their tongues are sharper than swords.

It’s a fun night of Women and Butt Kicking! Come see “Bare Breasted Women Sword Fighting” — Only 4 shows left!

Your move, London 2012 Olympic Committee.