Topless Torontonians Make Blue Jays Games Fun

Brooks witnesses Papelbon booed, A-Rod ignored & Borat’s fat friend bored.

• Topless women standing in the surrounding hotel rooms will definitely get attendance to rise at Blue Jays home games.

Blue Jays mascot topless woman

Of course, they could always try this Rays fan’s helping hand.

• The son of N.C. State basketball coach Sidney Lowe has been a bad boy.

• Not interested in the All-Star Game tonight? They’re always part two of Brett Favre’s interview on Fox News.

• A lusted-after cricketer calls in female commandos to ensure his safety.

Peyton Manning will be sitting for six weeks after undergoing knee surgery to remove an infected bursa sac.

• Olympians are trying to keep their food safe from Chinese terrors - like MSG?

Cynthia Rodriguez claims her hubby Alex has been tapping her phones.

• With all the nostalgia surround the last season of the Yankees’ ballpark, not many players will miss that old stadium smell.