Topless Bicyclist Has California Town In Uproar

The LOS ANGELES TIMES devotes some of the paper’s prime real estate to the *plight* of a woman named Jennifer Moss. Moss has been parading in public around the town of Ojai (west of L.A.) in pasties for some time now - alternating between a bike and skates.

Jennifer Moss Ojai Toples Cyclist

(Attention squeamish advertisers: Talk to the Times, not us)

Like most marijuana-smoking social change protesters, she’s not really too sure what she’s fighting for. But one thing she is absolutely certain of: she loves the attention. And yes, this post is worthless without pics, so we have some in a youtube video after the jump (NSFW?).

The last time we saw someone this desperate for attention, he was wearing a Green Bay Packers (or was it Cincinnati Bengals?) jersey.

We do actually feel bad for the mentally ill? woman. She needs help. And we’re sure after seeing the piece in the Times today, the good folks at the Jay Leno Show will be just the people to provide that in 3…2…1.