Top Football Recruit Considering CFL Over NCAA?

Wichita’s own Bryce Brown, the top-rated high school running back prospect in the country, has not signed with a program officially yet.  His advisor/manager, Brian Butler, is doing everything he can to finagle the best deal and that requires multiple suitors.

Therefore, Butler has tossed in every possible destination he can think of, even if it requires a passport.  That’s why the CFL has come up as one possible home for Brown next season.

Bryce Brown

Of course, Butler has negotiated in the press that he’d want $15m for his client (that he is totally not an agent for) over three years from the CFL and that’s more than CFL teams are allowed to spend on their entire on-field labor force.

That seems to lay bare the true possibility of a high schooler jumping north for football.  However, do not underestimate how much the CFL may want to shiv the NFL…

The CFL still has their knickers in an uproar over the NFL’s incursion into Toronto with the possibly-ex-Buffalo Bills, enough to cut off diplomatic ties last summer. One CFL source said at the time, “You work with us or you don’t work with us; there’s no half-pregnant.”

There’s also no semi-pro in Bryce Brown’s world; he’s a pro or he’s the NCAA’s unique interpretation of amateurism.   Odds are he ends up at an NCAA franchise for the minimum, but it makes you wonder what Butler could be getting out of the colleges.  After all, college athletes get no special favors from their schools, right?

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