Too Much Spartan Spirit Claims Another Receiver

As any graduate of Michigan State University can tell you, the football program has a bit of a “record” when it comes to players not acting as exemplary citizens off the field. My own college years there were during the heyday of Jeff Smoker, the drug-addled quarterback with the unfortunate last name. Recently, former Spartan WR Plaxico Burress has been in the news for something-or-other. And now we have ourselves another former Spartan player on the wrong side of the police blotter: Mr. Charles Rogers.

Cheri Oteri, Will Ferrell

(”Who’s got Spartan Spirit?”)

Rogers, as you’ll remember, was one of the biggest draft busts in recent memory after he was chosen by the Lions as the second overall pick in 2003. (Fun Fact: The next pick in the draft was Andre Johnson.) Rogers lasted three seasons in the league, caught a grand total of 36 passes, collected four TDs, and then essentially drugged himself out of football. But where is he now? Try on Michigan’s Most Wanted list.

THE WORLD OF ISAAC has the details:

It appears that former Detroit Lion #2 Pick Charles Rogers is in trouble with the law. According to the Oakland County Court website, Rogers was wanted for Domestic Assault and Battery and was recently captured.

If you’re keeping score at home this week that’s

Former MSU Receivers-0
The scales of Justice-2

THE WORLD OF ISAAC also points out that Rogers “lost a judgment earlier this year to the Detroit Lions to the tune of 8.5 Million Dollars” meaning he has to repay the team for essentially sucking so much. Ouch.

Overall, it’s tough to say who’s had the worse year between the two former Spartan wideouts: While Plaxico shot himself in the leg and may face 3-5 years in jail, he did at least win a Super Bowl and has become a household name, for better or worse. Rogers lost $8.5 million from his pockets (which have to be getting pretty bare) and now has to face this stuff.

What say you?